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Our mission as a Chamber is to help our community see the current economic climate as an opportunity. Our economy has suffered before and recovered to come back stronger than ever. Our business community can rally to do the same. By working together, large businesses and small alike, we can continue to implement programs and strategies to encourage economic revitalization in our city. Plans are moving forward to create a vibrant, new community in the heart of Inglewood, Hollywood Park Tomorrow – a 238-acre mixed-use community at Prairie and Century Boulevard. This development will reflect the suggestions of hundreds of Inglewood residents and businesses who have participated in planning meetings for the past two and a half years and who have shared their community priorities for open space, quality retail stores, restaurants, homes, offices, and community-serving uses.


Hollywood Park Tomorrow will be a testimony to what a community is capable of doing when they work as one unit. Other positive developments are in various planning stages in the Century/Prairie area, the downtown, and elsewhere in the city. Coupled with what’s already happening around Hollywood Park, Inglewood should undergo a very serious transformation over the next decade.





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